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Name PhD Project Title University

Kubanychbek Abdykerimov

The epidemiology of transmission of zoonoses between carnivores and humans in KyrgyzstanUniversity of Zurich

Said Abukhattab

Towards a One Health approach to quality and safety of Broiler Chicken meat in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, Palestine.University of Basel

Temitope Adebayo-Ojo

Developing an air quality health index for Cape Town, 2001-2016University of Basel

Helena Aebersold

Health economic aspects of atrial fibrillation: analyses based on the Swiss-AF cohort studyUniversity of Zurich

Nicola Julia Aebi

Implementation and Impact of a Stepped and Collaborative Care Model at Hospitals in Basel-City: A Mixed Methods Evaluation.University of Basel

Noah Aebi

ASM inhibitors vs. non-inhibitors in connection with acute infectionsUniversity of Basel

Andrea Martina Aegerter

Prävention und Intervention von Nackenschmerzen bei Büroangestellten in der SchweizZurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

Lucía Aguirre Sánchez

Sustainable food: Building a behavior-centered framework to design and promote the adoption of diets that improve health and the environment.Università della Svizzera italiana

Noushin Sadat Ahanchi

The mediating effect of iron biomarkers on the association of sex and menopausal age with cardiometabolic riskUniversity of Bern

Pauline Yongeun Ahn

Health System Resilience: key for unlocking the complex health system strengthening agendaUniversity of Basel

Heba Al-Alwan

Type 2 diabetes: association with subclinical thyroid dysfunction and the effect of antidiabetic treatment on thyroid function and clinical outcomes University of Bern

Gabriel Alcoba

Snakebite incidence, public health impact, prediction of areas at risk, and access to quality care in 5 countries of tropical Africa and AsiaUniversity of Geneva

Faisal Nooh Ali

Epidemiological and clinical investigations of chronic noncommunicablediseases in Eritrean refugees living in Ethiopia and SwitzerlandUniversity of Basel

Yu-Yin Allemann

Longitudinal changes in cancer-related cognitive impairment and acupuncture efficacy in breast cancer patientsUniversity of Basel

Priska Ammann

Pesticide use in Swiss agriculture: exposure levels, health effects, and perception in farming and rural non-farming familiesUniversity of Basel

Alain Amstutz

Supporting Lesotho on the way towards the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets: Operational and clinical research addressing HIV/AIDS care in resource-limited settingsUniversity of Basel

Gianna Gayle Amul

Comparative analysis of tobacco and alcohol polices in ASEAN:Examining industry interference in the policy process (EXIIT) inthe Philippines and SingaporeUniversity of Geneva

Collene Anderson

Understanding the Development and Burden of Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction after Spinal Cord InjuryUniversity of Lucerne

Laura Arbelaez Ossa

Needs and challenges for the ethical development and implementation of medical artificial intelligence (part of the EXPLaiN NRP 77-Project)University of Basel

Chantal Arditi

Patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs & PREMs) in Switzerland: the case of measuring PREMs in cancer careUniversity of Lausanne

Benedetta Armocida

Burden of non-communicable diseases in adolescents across European Union and Economic European Area countries. Trends, risk factors and implications for a neglected population University of Geneva

Patricia Arnaiz Jimenez

Sustainability of a school-based health promotion intervention in children at risk for non-communicable diseases in marginalised communities in Port Elizabeth, South AfricaUniversity of Basel

Oluwaseyi Olalekan Arowosegbe

Modelling South Africa’s daily PM concentrations at high spatio-temporal resolution and assessing the association with acute adverse health effects.University of Basel

Serra Lem Asangbeh

Developing a cervical cancer prevention and care cascade in sub Saharan AfricaUniversity of Bern

Raphael Aubry

Social media, social comparison and depression among young peopleUniversity of Geneva

Awa Babington-Ashaye

Impact assessment of eHealth-based approaches to improve disease management and quality of life of people living with haemophilia in Sub-Saharan Africa. A case study of HaemophiliaUniversity of Geneva

Lore Baert

Usage of iPS technology to generate human macrophages as an infection model for Leishmania parasitesÓUniversity of Basel

Tala Ballouz

An intersection between migration and HIV: neuropsychiatric disorders among migrants living with HIV in SwitzerlandUniversity of Zurich

Tess Bardy

Assessing health insurance literacy in Switzerland - towards and operational framework and measurement toolUniversity of Lucerne

Vasiliki Baroutsou

The DIALOGUE study: Using digital health to improve care for families with predisposition to hereditary cancerUniversity of Basel

Aron Baumann

Evidence use in health policymakingUniversity of Basel

Jorgen Bauwens

Impact of non-adherence to vaccination schedulesUniversity of Basel

Golou Louise Bellai

Entomological surveillance and assessment of malaria vectors' susceptibility to insecticides in Cote d'IvoireUniversity of Basel

Daria Berger

The epidemiology of asthma, obesity and exercise-induced symptoms in population- based and clinical cohorts: disease burden and causal pathwaysUniversity of Bern

Stefan Pascal Biendl

Novel treatment options for neglected tropical helminth infections: Assay development, drug discovery, drug target elucidation and preclinical studiesUniversity of Basel

Melina Bigler

Legionnaires' disease in Switzerland - a prospective national case-control study Co-Supervisor(s)/PhDUniversity of Basel

Nejimu Biza

Reproductive needs in crisis situation University of Basel

Céline Bolliger

Adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors in Switzerland: Epidemiology, psychosocial health and possible positive outcomesUniversity of Lucerne

Nicolas Bovio

Occupational cancer in SwitzerlandUniversity of Lausanne

Seckin Boz

Prospective Cohort Study on Skin Cancer and Residential Radon ExposureUniversity of Basel

Sanda Branca-Dragan

Answering important clinical research questions using data from the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study: th STCS Liver Benchmarking project and ths STCS Allograft twin studyUniversity of Basel

Céline Braunwalder

Pain following spinal cord injury: the role of psychosocial resources University of Lucerne

Patricia Bravo

Characterization of MEP Pathway inhibitors in Plasmodium falciparum as antimalarialsUniversity of Basel

Nina Brunner

The impact of scaling up rectal artesunate on severe malaria case management practices in three Sub-Saharan Africa countriesUniversity of Basel

Diana Carolina Buitrago Garcia

The science of prevalence: development of an evidence-based tool to assess the risk of bias in prevalence studies University of Bern

Marvin Bundo

The Effect of Ambient Temperature on Mental HealthUniversity of Bern

Alexandra Bürgler

Beyond seasonal suffering: Effects of Pollen on Cardiorespiratory Health and Allergic Symptoms (EPOCHAS) University of Basel

Alonso Bussalleu

“Modelling urban environmental risk factors in EXPANSE, a large multi-center Exposome study”University of Basel

Olena Bychkovska

Responsive Health Care System for Persons with Spinal Cord InjuryUniversity of Lucerne

Ariana Bytyci Katanolli

The longitudinal effects of health system strengthening interventions on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in Kosovo: a cohort approachUniversity of Basel

Gaud Catho

Improvement of antibiotic use in hospitals through multifaceted, computerized interventionsUniversity of Geneva

Christopher Chadwick

Next-generation influenza vaccines: Considerations for increasing access in low- and middle-income countriesUniversity of Geneva

Konstantina Chalkou

Real world predictions of heterogeneous treatment effects using evidence synthesis for health technology assessmentUniversity of Bern

Mengling Cheng

The economic, social, and life-course antecedents of later-life multimorbidity in low- and middle-income countries: evidence from ChinaUniversity of Lausanne

Belinda Chihota

The Burden of Noncommunicable Disease risk factors among HIV-infected and uninfected adults attending primary care clincs in Southern AfricaUniversity of Bern

Virginia Chiocchia

Methods for ranking competing treatments in network meta-analysisUniversity of Bern

David Chipanta

The Impact of Social Protection Programmes on HIV Service Use: A Pragmatic Cluster Randomised Control TrialUniversity of Geneva

Hye Lynn Choi

Comparative analysis of pharmaceutical reimbursement system and economic evaluation for decision-making in National Regulatory AuthoritiesUniversity of Geneva

Salome Christen

Cancer-related Fatigue, Musculoskeletal Late Effects, Physiotherapy Utilization and Physical Functioning in Survivors of Childhood Cancer.University of Lucerne

Iza Ciglenecki

Hepatitis E epidemics in humanitarian settingsUniversity of Geneva

Sara Cottler-Casanova

Conditions Related to Sexual Health: From ICD-10 to ICD-11 - An internet-based case-control study on the new diagnostic criteria for sexual dysfunctionsUniversity of Basel

Sandro D'Amato

Association between heat and occupational accidents: implications for the regulatory frameworkUniversity of Basel

Ranin Darkhawaja

Social capital, social contagion, healthy minds and healthy habits in the future health care work force in the occupied Palestinian territoryUniversity of Basel

Aatreyee Das

Analysis of the role of importation in disease persistence through mathematical modellingUniversity of Basel

Debashish Das

Predictors of malaria-attributable mortality in complex medical emergencies in AfricaUniversity of Geneva

Masa Davidovic

Cancer prevention for women living with HIV in sub-Saharan AfricaUniversity of Bern

Jacqueline Helena de Jong-Mazairac

Is there variability in pelvic floor and abdominal muscle response induced by different cough and forced expiration patterns?University of Bern

Olga De Santis

DE-MA-RE Epidemiological study of DEngue virus infections in Madagascar and Reunion IslandUniversity of Geneva

Evan de Schrijver

Climate Change Adaptation &University of Bern

Manja Elisabeth Deforth

Validity of clinical risk prediction models (working title)University of Zurich

Tafadzwa Gladys Dhokotera

Cervical cancer control in HIV positive and negative women in South Africa: a model for Precision Public HealthUniversity of Bern

Javier Dopico Magadán

The restorative potential of green spaces in noise-polluted environmentsUniversity of Basel

Julie Dubois

Les thérapeutes de médecine complémentaire en Suisse romandeUniversity of Lausanne

Maria Bekker-Nielsen Dunbar

To be determinedUniversity of Zurich

Maria Esther Leticia Eburi Losoha

Improvement of immunization uptake among pregnant women in Equatorial Guinea: Mixed methods approachUniversity of Basel

Luisa Eggenschwiler

Maternal and neonatal outcomes in association with midwifery staffing - a causal inference framework (MaNtiS)University of Basel

Selina Egger

Equal Access to Mobility? The Situation of People With Limited Mobility in Using Public Transport Supplementary Driving Services in SwitzerlandUniversity of Lucerne


The relationship of social capital with mental health, quality of life and disease control in diabetes patients from Côte d’IvoireUniversity of Basel

Devy Emperador

(working title) Informing a multi-disease diagnostic platform for surveillance and early detection of viral hemorrhagic fevers at point of careUniversity of Geneva

Rachel Esra

Mathematical Modelling of Hepatitis B Infection in sub-Saharan AfricaUniversity of Geneva

Lea Ettlin

Conservative management of knee osteoarthritis in SwitzerlandUniversity of Lucerne

Bakar Fakih

Towards malaria elimination in Zanzibar: identifying opportunities for improving surveillance and reducing the importation of infectionsUniversity of Basel

Sarah Farag

A randomized phase II trial comparing Bendamustine and Melphalan with Melphalan alone as conditioning regimen for autologous stem cell transplatation (ASCT) in myeloma patientsUniversity of Bern

Mathurin Fatou

Measuring the interaction of mosquitoes with topical repellents and insecticide-treated nets using 3D infrared video trackingUniversity of Basel

Emmanuel Firima

Community-based HIV and Chronic Disease Testing and Care in Lesotho.University of Basel

Fabienne Fischer

The epidemiology of legionellosis in Switzerland: Evidence for policy & actionUniversity of Basel

Zora Föhn

Präferenzen der Bevölkerung hinsichtlich zukünftiger ambulanter GrundversorgungUniversity of Lucerne

Christophe Folly

Modelling exposure to background ionizing radiation in SwitzerlandUniversity of Bern

Jonila Gabrani

Access and utilization of public and private Primary Health Care among elderly people with chronic condition(s) in AlbaniaUniversity of Basel

Joshua Galjour

Chronic political instability and the implementation of the HIV/AIDS response in Guinea-Bissau from 200 to 2015: A case study of the intersections of politics and epidemiologyUniversity of Geneva

Francesco Galli

The effect of contact network accuracy and risk categorization on dynamic disease transmission models on the example of the Swiss pig populationUniversity of Bern

Mayra Juliana Galvis Aparicio

Psychological Adaptation Following Spinal Cord Injury: An Exploration of the Clinical Rehabilitation ContextUniversity of Lucerne

Magda Rocío Gamba Rincón

Lifestyle, nutrition and healthy and sustainable agingUniversity of Bern

Barbara Gantner

Grandparental Care in Children with CancerUniversity of Lucerne

Corrado Garbazza

Chronobiology, Sleep-related Risk Factors and Light Therapy in Perinatal Depression: the "Life-ON" Project.University of Basel

Viktoria Gastens

Personalized preventive care and life expectancy among older multimorbid adultsUniversity of Bern

Sirak Zenebe Gebreab

Psychosocial stress, psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular risk factors in the the general populationUniversity of Lausanne

Felix Gerber

Improving access to early initiation of antiretroviral therapy in persons living with HIV in resource-limited settings University of Basel

Joseph Gnanouday Giduthuri

Developing a generic protocol and innovating methods for community study and improved coverage with antenatal influenza vaccination (AIV)University of Basel

Ranjana Malaika Samira Gigi

Genital tract infections, the vaginal microbiome and preterm birth in South AfricaUniversity of Bern

Lucia Gonzalez

Integrating NCDs in HIV during COVID-19 timeUniversity of Basel

Nathalia González

Impact of Physical Activity on Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Events. University of Bern

Alexandra Griessbach

Making clinical trials more affordable – Trial costs, budget planning, and platform trialsUniversity of Basel

Giorgia Grisotto

Cardiometabolic Health in Women: The Role of DietUniversity of Bern

Dmitry Gryaznov

Longitudinal evaluation of the accuracy and completeness of clinical trial protocols.University of Basel

Germán Galileo Guerra y Guerra

Paid domestic work and depressive symptomatology among Mexican paid domestic workers in MexicoUniversity of Geneva

Chloé Guitart

Improving access to alcohol-based handrub for hand hygiene in healthcare by local production in low-and middle-income countriesUniversity of Geneva

Sali Hafez

Inclusion of refugees and IDPs in UHC.University of Geneva

Silvan Hälg

Exploration of tropical mosquito-born viruses by NGS techniques in Tanzania and Ivory Coast.University of Basel

Tasnim Hamza

Flexible generic framework for evidence synthesis in health technology assessmentUniversity of Bern

Melissa Harper

Design and implementation of psychosocial interventions in Low and Middle Income CountriesUniversity of Geneva

Christoph Hauser

Lifestyle, risk factors and development of cardiometabolic health in children: EXAMIN YOUTH follow-upUniversity of Basel

Cassien Havugimana

Economic evaluation of antibiotic use among Children in RwandaUniversity of Basel

Nadja Hedrich

ITIT - Illness Tracking in TravellersUniversity of Zurich

Irma Heller

Effect of exercise and sport on anxiety in social situations University of Lucerne

Daniel Eduardo Henao Nieto

Determinants of Decentralization Reforms of the Health Systems in Fragile StatesUniversity of Geneva

Fleur Hierink

Geographical risk profiling of infectious disease risk and human incidence, to reduce disease burden and optimize spatial accessibility to health careUniversity of Geneva

Kang Leng Ho

Work and Health (Predictors and outcomes of crafting patterns)University of Zurich

Anousin Homsana

Assessment of diagnostic techniques for helminth infections and potential markers of their morbidity in Laos University of Basel

Ursina Honegger

Prevalence, determinants, pathophysiology and long-term outcome of exercise-induced myocardial stunningUniversity of Basel

Brady Hooley

The impact of health systems financing and organisation upon the accessibility of NCD care in TanzaniaUniversity of Basel

Lydia Hottenbacher

Adaptive intervention strategies for urogenital schistosomiasis elimination in ZanzibarUniversity of Basel

Aljoscha Benjamin Hwang

Long-term association of physical activity and fitness with cardiovascular risk in primary school children: The Sportcheck Follow-Up StudyUniversity of Lucerne

Ola Hysaj

Understanding the association between subclinical hypothyroidism and cardiovascular disease.University of Bern

Aliaa Ibnidris

Prevalence, diagnostic protocols and impact of dementia in Low and Middle-Income CountriesUniversità della Svizzera italiana

Olutoyin Ikuteyijo


Anica Ilic

Grandparents' involvement and psychosocial outcomes when a grandchild is diagnosed with cancer: acute and long-term consequencesUniversity of Lucerne

Benido Impouma

Analyzing the Integrated Diseases Surveillance and Response (IDSR) performance and factors associated with COVID-19 incidence and mortality to strengthen public health security in University of Geneva

David-Zacharie Issom

Artificial Intelligences Reusing Heterogeneous Health Information to Empower People with SCDUniversity of Geneva

Oche Adam Itodo

Cardiovascular risk factors and conditions as comorbidities of persons with a spinal cord injuryUniversity of Bern

Levy Jäger

Assessing Quality of Care in General Practice Using a Laboratory Test DatabaseUniversity of Lucerne

Miao Jiang

Prevalence of dementia, frailty and intrinsic capacity and the family caregivers? perceptions on different types of social support in LMICs and SwitzerlandUniversità della Svizzera italiana

Nandi Joubert

Effects of a workplace health intervention programme on risk factors for non-communicable diseases, health behaviours and psychosocial health of teachers in disadvantaged communitiUniversity of Basel

Seyram Kaali

Prospective Cohort Study on Early Life Household Air Pollution Exposure and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in ChildhoodUniversity of Basel

Lassané Kaboré

Impact of the 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine on Streptococcus pneumoniae carriage, all-cause clinical pneumonia, and invasive pneumococcal disease in Burkina FasoUniversity of Geneva

Tanga Jean Moise Kabore

Piloting multiple first-lines artemisinin-based combination therapies as an innovative approach for managing uncomplicated malaria in the health district of Kaya, Burkina FasoUniversity of Basel

Viacheslav Kachalov

Identifying determinants and drivers of the spread of antimicrobial resistanceUniversity of Zurich

Thokozani Kalua

Impact on viral load suppression in HIV patients in Malawi with introduction of TLD as the first-line regimenUniversity of Bern

Katarzyna Karcz

Sustainable employment for people with a disabilityUniversity of Lucerne

Aliya Karim

A Systems-Wide Analysis of the RAcE Programme: A Multi-Case Health System Sstudy of an Integrated Community Case Management Program in Five African CountriesUniversity of Basel

Lum Kastrati



Innovative surveillance approaches used during the Ebola epidemic in Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo as a tool to control future outbreaks of acute viral diseasesUniversity of Geneva

Ladina Keller

Improved treatment options for the control of soil-transmitted helminthiasesUniversity of Basel

Berit Kieselbach

Prevalence and mental health consequences of childhood exposure to intimate partner violenceUniversity of Geneva

Raymond Kitengeso


Florian Knappe

Effects of an exercise and sport intervention among refugees living in a Greek refugee camp on mental health, physical fitness and cardiovascular risk markersUniversity of Basel

Bogomil Kohlbrenner

Knowledge and practice: Does investment in improving medical imaging practice with an active community component, lead to improved quality of care in 7 hospitals in Cameroon ? A caUniversity of Geneva

Christa König

Time to antibiotics in pediatric patients with fever in neutropenia during chemotherapy for cancerUniversity of Bern

Dzmitry Krupchanka

Mortality gap associated with mental disorders in the Czech RepublicUniversity of Geneva

Johanna Manuela Kurz

Longitudinal assessment of small airway physiology in healthy children and children with cystic fibrosis using the multiple-breath washout technique.University of Bern

Frédérique Lachmann

Ending the HIV epidemic in Switzerland: the SwissPrEPared programUniversity of Zurich

Rahim Lalji

The Swiss Chiropractic Cohort ProjectUniversity of Zurich

Yin Ting Lam

Upper airway disease and treatment burden in patients with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD)University of Bern

Favez Lauriane

Quality Indicators and quality iMprovement PRocESSes in Swiss nursing homes (IMPRESS): A multi-study research projectUniversity of Basel

Maria de los Angeles Lazo Porras

Process Evaluation of the COHESION projectUniversity of Geneva

Marie Annick Le Pogam

Thromboembolic and hemorrhagic adverse events after hip or knee arthroplasty in swiss older inpatients: risk-adjusted cumulative incidences based on routinely collected health datUniversity of Lausanne

Constance Legay

Dietary risk and protective factors of stone formers in SwitzerlandUniversity of Lausanne

Sophie Hilda Lemoupa Makajio

Cervical cancer screening with HPV self-sampling test in low ressource settingUniversity of Geneva

Philippe Lepere

Improving the HIV treatment cascade by empowering patients via mHealth technology, in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. The COSANUCI study: assessing the contribution of the mHealth solutionUniversity of Geneva

Daniel Lindegger

Developing a diabetic retinopathy screening for Timor LesteUniversity of Geneva

Angela Edith Lisibach

Automated detection of adverse drug events in hospitalized patientsUniversity of Geneva

Fangfei Liu

Healthcare-associated bloodstream infections due to multidrug-resistant organisms (BSI-MDROs) in China ? A multi-centre study on epidemiology, risks and preventionUniversity of Geneva

Yanmei Liu

Is Health Insurance Knowledge Associated with Health Plan Choice and Health Care Utilization? - Evidence from a Mandatory Health Insurance System University of Lucerne

Nicolas Loizeau

Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields: spatial and temporal variability and the association of mobile phone's radiation on cognitive health University of Basel

Thibault Lovey

Infection Tracking In Travelers (ITIT)University of Zurich

Cecilia Luini

Frailty and Health Care Utilization: Evidence from the SHARE Survey DatasetUniversità della Svizzera italiana

Renata Lüthold

Exploring different aspects related to making deprescribing decisions in primary care settingsUniversity of Bern


Epidemiology of childhood wheezing illness and chronic non-specific cough in Switzerland University of Bern

Kowalska Malwina

Corneal cross-linking (CXL) as treatment for stromal corneal ulcers in dogs.University of Zurich

Santhosh Mannamplackal

Rehabilitation sector in the Swiss healthcare system: actual trends, consolidation of networks and emerging of integrated delivery systemsUniversità della Svizzera italiana

Herry Mapesi

Non-communicable diseases in People living with HIV in Rural Africa: tackle the double burdenUniversity of Basel

Kailing Marcus

Comparing the spatiotemporal transmissions of SARS and COVID-19 in China: before and after Universal Health CoverageUniversity of Geneva

Nahara Martinez-Gonzalez

Establishing the determinants of appropriate AB prescribing in Swiss primary care: a contribution to fighting antibiotic resistance (title may change)University of Lucerne

Carole Marxer

Epidemiological studies in the field of drug safety, drug utilization, and disease epidemiology in pregnancy researchUniversity of Basel

Thiery Masserey

Determinants of resistance to guide the development of products against malaria University of Basel

Nancy Stephen Matowo

Entomological and molecular characterization, insecticide resistance testing and screening for arboviruses, filarial worm and malaria parasites in culicine species in Ulanga and KiUniversity of Basel

Michèle Mattle

Dancing towards Healthy and Happy Aging - Evidence of Dance-related Exercise Programms to Prevent Falls of SeniorsUniversity of Zurich

Antonella Mazzei Abba

Background ionizing radiation and the risk of childhood cancerUniversity of Bern

Emmanuel Mbuba

Multi-country durability evaluation of five brands of bednets and the operationalisation of new methods for fabric integrity assessment University of Basel

Niklaus Meier

Cost-Effectiveness and Health Valuation Studies for the Swiss Health Care SystemUniversity of Basel

Olga Menang

Determinants of health systems capacity for effective pharmacovigilance: an analysis of pharmacovigilance implementation in high, middle and low-income countriesUniversity of Basel

Marilyne Menassa

Lifestyle and healthy ageing (specific title to be confirmed soon)University of Bern

Maria Jose Mendieta Jara

Evaluation of the implementation of an integrated nurse-led model of care for community-based senior citizens in Canton Basel-LandschaftUniversity of Basel

Dominik Menges

University of Zurich

Laura Merson

Accelerating Lassa fever research through core outcome measuresUniversity of Geneva

Cristina Mesa Vieira

Mental and cardiometabolic consequences of chronic exposure to violenceUniversity of Bern

Anna Messina

Isupport: caring for dementia caregiversUniversità della Svizzera italiana

Pascal Meyre

Incidence of and causes for all-cause hospitalizations in patients with atrial fibrillationUniversity of Basel

Shakuntala (Shala) Mhlanga

Associations of pesticide exposure and media use on the neurobehavior of children in the Western Cape, South AfricaUniversity of Basel

Juliane Mielke

Contextual analysis in implementation science (CONSENS): Development of a framework and application in transplantation intervention researchUniversity of Basel

Stefan Mitterer

Specialised Paediatric Palliative Care: Assessing economic and health system outcomes in a multi-site context of various care settings (SPhAERA)University of Basel



Asma MohamedSharif

Development of a healthcare transition model for low resource settings. University of Lucerne

Ibrahim Mohammed

Vaccinating under the Shadow of Boko Haram: Effect of the Boko-Haram Insurgency on Immunization Activities and Polio Mass Vaccination Programmes in North-Eastern NigeriaUniversity of Geneva

Kevin Morisod

Healthcare equity and social vulnerabilities in COVID-19 pandemic time: an MD-PhD thesisUniversity of Lausanne

Anja Isabel Morstatt

Not yet setUniversity of Zurich

Emmanuel Mrimi

Efficacy and safety of emodepside in adults infected with Trichuris trichiura and hookworms: a randomized controlled double-blind trial.University of Basel

Josephine Muhairwe

Integrating mental health into HIV care in rural LesothoUniversity of Geneva

Abdifatah Muktar Muhummed

The incidence, etiology, and control of diarrhea in children and the prevalence of shared antimicrobial resistance genes between humans, animals, and the environment in Eastern EthUniversity of Basel

Elvira Muratalieva

Global policies to control non-communicable diseases and its influence to the strengthening primary health care system in KyrgyzstanUniversity of Geneva

Kirubel Mussie

Ethical issues in healthcare for older adults in EthiopiaUniversity of Basel

Kibachio Joseph Mwangi

Social determinants of health and non-communicable diseases in Kenya: A review of the burden of non-communicable diseases and their risk factors, barriers and enablers of appropriaUniversity of Geneva

Bédjou Prisca N'Dri

Malaria in Elibou Region, south of Côte d'Ivoire: vector Transmission and insecticide resistanceUniversity of Basel

Isaac Namango

Understanding vector control dependent changes of malaria epidemiology for surveillance and control of residual transmissionUniversity of Basel

Eric Ipyn Nebie

Clinical trials efficiency improvement- learning from neglected diseases drugs developmentUniversity of Basel

Huyen Nguyen

The role of HLA diversity on HIV transmission and evolution along real-world transmission chains in the Swiss HIV Cohort StudyUniversity of Zurich

Belinda Nimako

Linkages between Natural Resource Extraction Projects and the Health System for Sustainable DevelopmentUniversity of Basel

Cyril Nogier

Monitoring and Evaluating the Transition from Global Health Initiatives: the case of Gavi, the Vaccine AllianceUniversity of Geneva

Liz Paola Noguera Zayas

Zoonoses in Paraguay - One Health ApproachUniversity of Zurich

Peter Nthumba

Implementation of the WHO Surgical site infection prevention guidelines in a rural sub-Saharan African maternity unit: finding the right strategy for sustained resultsUniversity of Bern

Francis Sena Kwaku Nuvey

Effectiveness of veterinary service interventions in improving the wellbeing of livestock dependent populations in GhanaUniversity of Basel

Ogonna Nwankwo

Modelling of Productivity using workload indicator of frontline Health workforce in an era for Universal Health Coverage(UHC) in NigeriaUniversity of Basel

Regina Oakley

Migration Health and ZoonosesUniversity of Basel

Katrina Obas

The role of depression on blood pressure control in Kosovo - A cohort studyUniversity of Basel

Carlos Ochoa Pereira

Snakebite: analysis of risk and optimization of healthcare accessibility in Cameroon and NepalUniversity of Geneva

Ana Lucía Oña Macías

The Health-Income Gap: To what extent does inequality explain the living situation of people with spinal cord injury (SCI)University of Lucerne


Surveillance of HIV Seroconversion and uptake of HIV services along the HIV treatment cascade in a longitudinal cohort study of brothel and non-brothel based FSWs in NigeriaUniversity of Geneva


Using AI/machine learning to better understand the spatial variability of HIV in sub-Saharan AfricaUniversity of Geneva

Doris Osei Afriyie

Public Health Insurance and Financing in AfricaUniversity of Basel

Yoshiyuki Oshima

Social determinants of substance use among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in Geneva, SwitzerlandUniversity of Geneva

Krystel Ouaijan

Prevalence of Malnutrition in Lebanese Hospitals, Recognition and Impact on the Right to HealthUniversity of Geneva

Babatunde Owolodun

Foodways in West Africa Time Trends and Diversity of Food Consumption PatternUniversity of Basel

Deborah Pacifico

SwissDEM - Dementia burden, trends, and risk factors in SwitzerlandUniversità della Svizzera italiana

Lita Palomares Estrada

Promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity in Peruvian children - Development and validation of an intervention programUniversity of Basel

Sarah Pannen

Development of a web-based food frequency questionnaire optimized for dietary assessment of adults in Switzerland (StudyCH)University of Zurich

Chandni Patel

Optimizing Drug Therapy against Soil-Transmitted HelminthiasisUniversity of Basel

Giulia Paternoster

Transmission modelling of emergent Echinococcus in KyrgyzstanUniversity of Zurich

Nadine Patt

High intensity interval training and energy management education, compared with standard training and progressive muscle relaxation, to improve quality of life in persons with multUniversity of Bern

Eddy Carolina Pedraza Salcedo

Care at end of life influences grief: Needs and desires of bereaved parents in palliative end-of-life care in paediatric oncologyUniversity of Lucerne

Carla Pedrazzani

Investigating patient-provider and patient-family communication in hereditary cancers: a mixed-methods study.University of Basel

Alexandra Peters

Creating a Transposable Model for Hospital Environmental HygieneUniversity of Geneva

Ashley Polhemus

Utility and validity of digital mobility outcomes in the assessment of real-world walking and physical activity University of Zurich

Jonathan Polonsky

Evaluation of strategies for community-based disease surveillance among crisis-affected populationsUniversity of Geneva

Camille Poroes

Performance and resilience of health systemsUniversity of Lausanne

Cristina Priboi

Grandparents' involvement and psychosocial outcomes when a grandchild is diagnosed with cancerUniversity of Lucerne

Alexandra Probst

Drug discovery for helminth infections: From identification of novel chemical entities to pharmacokinetic studies in patients University of Basel

Enxhi Qama

The Integration of self-management behaviours in individuals with a newly aquired spinal cord injury.University of Lucerne

Ana Cecilia Quiroga Gutierrez

Health Insurance Literacy in SwitzerlandUniversity of Lucerne

Hamidreza Raeisidehkordi

The effect of non-caloric sweeteners compared with sucrose on the gut microbiome, and cardiovascular risk factors in women in menopausal transition and with obesityUniversity of Bern

Peter Francis Raguindin

Early cardiometabolic changes in patients with Spinal Cord InjuryUniversity of Bern

Adrià Ramírez Mena

Understanding the hepatitis B continuum of care to inform elimination strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Switzerland.University of Bern

Nernst-Atwood Raphael

Evaluation of the treatment outcome of Tb patients in Haiti [2017 - 2018University of Geneva

Kelly Reeve

Prediction Modeling in Multiple SclerosisUniversity of Zurich

Martina Reichmuth

Computational modeling of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in EuropeUniversity of Bern

Theresa Reiker

Mathematical modelling of malaria control in low-transmission settingsUniversity of Basel

Eric Remera

Evaluating the Effectiveness of HIV Biomedical Interventions in Rwanda.University of Basel

Kateryna Riabchenko

The role of supplementary insurance in the Swiss health systemUniversity of Lausanne

Carlotta Riebensahm

Prevalence and progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease among HIV-infected individuals: impact of age, statins and antiretroviral drugsUniversity of Bern

Sukuman Rittem

The assessment of human-monkey conflict management and implementation strategies in Thailand: a participatory modeling and one health approachUniversity of Zurich

Zayne Milena Roa Diaz

The interaction between lifestyle and menopausal ageing and their impact in cardiovascular disease in womenUniversity of Bern

Evaristo Roncelli

Logiche di rete e cooperazione nel settore delle case anziani del Canton TicinoUniversità della Svizzera italiana

Hiroki Saito

Promotion of hand hygiene and infection prevention and control (IPC) in Japan and Uganda through implementation of WHO guideline on core components of IPC programsUniversity of Geneva

Nasteha Salah

Estimation de la prévalence, de l’incidence et de l’influence du facteur migratoire sur les attitudes et les comportements à l’égard de l’excision des communautés migrantes vivant University of Geneva

Islam Salikhanov

Cost-effectiveness of hospice-based palliative care services in the Republic of KazakhstanUniversity of Basel

Dante Jr Salvador

Diabetes and myocardial fibrosisUniversity of Bern

Giuliana Sanchez Samaniego

Household burden of disease and NCD control and prevention – Understanding patient perceptions and health systems use in the Peruvian AndesUniversity of Basel

Hugo-Alejandro Santa-Ramírez

Health equity, social innovation and the urban environment: an integrated analysis in Medellin, ColombiaUniversity of Geneva

Mahesh Sarki

Inequities, barriers and facilitators of access to cancer care services among cancer patients and their at-risk relativesUniversity of Basel

Leonie Schreck

Paediatric Respiratory Epidemiology with focus on Primary Ciliary DyskinesiaUniversity of Bern

Muriel Schuetz Leuthold

Evaluation of a new model of organization in family medicine practices and prospects of sustainability in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland / Evaluation d'un nouveau fonctionnemUniversity of Lausanne

Swapnoleena Sen

Modelling and simulation targeting malaria interventions for vulnerable populationsUniversity of Basel

Michael Seo

Evidence-synthesis methods for personalizing the choice of treatmentUniversity of Bern

Evgeniya Shalaeva

Type 2 diabetes and peripheral artery disease complicated by partial foot amputationUniversity of Bern

Tinei Shamu

Viral evolution patterns in patients receiving dolutegravir based second- and third-line antiretroviral therapyUniversity of Bern

Narayan Sharma

INVEstigating Safety Tipping points in Swiss hospitals: capacity utilization and adverse event detection using routine data [INVEST]University of Basel

Yara Shoman

Burnout : definition, assessment and causal determinants University of Lausanne

Shreya Shrikhande

Climate Change and Non-Communicable Diseases in BRICS: What the Future Could Look Like for Cardiovasculardiseases in South Africa and IndiaUniversity of Basel

Chloé Sieber

Comprehensive digital assessments of physical activity in Multiple Sclerosis (MS): A window into real-life wellbeing and lived experiences of persons with MSUniversity of Zurich

Chomba Sinyangwe

Understanding Dynamics of Policy Processes Related to Maternal Health in ZambiaUniversity of Geneva

Flaka Siqeca

Assessing health and social needs of home-dwelling older people in Canton Basel-LandschaftUniversity of Basel

Tomáš Sláma

Cardiovascular disease in childhood cancer survivorsUniversity of Bern

Phonesavanh Southisavath

Liver morbidity associated with Asian liver flukes in LaosUniversity of Basel

Nicolas Sperisen

Cancer suvivorship: patient navigationUniversity of Geneva

Adrian Spiess

Strengthening Rehabilitation: Evidence-Informed Policy in SwitzerlandUniversity of Lucerne

Viviane Sprecher

Exploring the clinical potential of novel treatment options against neglected tropical helminthiasesUniversity of Basel

Jacques Spycher

Health equity, health literacy, and health insurance choice in SwitzerlandUniversity of Lausanne

Mina Stanikic

Ageing and Disease Progression in Persons with MS (provisional, one of the projects) University of Zurich

Karin Stenberg

Evidence to inform Investments towards Universal Health Coverage University of Basel

Thomas Stojanov

Surgical safety and effectiveness in orthopaedics: Swiss-wide multicentre evaluation and prediction of core outcomes in Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff RepairUniversity of Basel

Sven Strebel

Hearing loss after childhood cancerUniversity of Bern

Michael Stucki

Decomposition of Swiss health care expenditures by diseasesUniversity of Lucerne

Sugitha Sureshkumar

The Transitional Epidemiology in Child HealthUniversity of Geneva

Amy Sy

Digital Health and Interoperability in Sub-Saharan Africa: A framework to overcome challenges of fragmentation in Health SystemsUniversity of Geneva

Maria-Eleni Syleouni

Prediction models on breast cancer recurrence (working title)University of Zurich

Ala Taji Heravi

Meta-Research to Improve the Planning and Reporting of Randomized Clinical TrialsUniversity of Basel

Tigest Tamrat

Digital tools for self-care during pregnancyUniversity of Geneva

Rainer Tan

The development and evaluation of ePOCT+, a clinical decision support algorithm, for the management of sick childrenUniversity of Basel

Louise Tangermann

The effects of transportation noise on cognitive functions, behavior and health related quality of life in adolescentsUniversity of Basel

Kassimu Tani

Governance of social health protection policies for chronic disease conditions in TanzaniaUniversity of Basel

Ermira Tartari

Global burden of healthcare-associated infections: impact of the WHO Clean Care is Safe Care programme worldwideUniversity of Geneva

Maryam Tavakkoli

The burden of road and transport injuries in low and middle income countries: A global health policy analysis on the role of road safety information systemsUniversity of Basel

Sumaiyya Gulamraza Thawer

Assessing the validity of using routine datasets for malaria surveillance and program impact evaluation in mainland Tanzania University of Basel

Rebecca Tomaschek

Collaboration of general practitioners and specialists for patients with complex chronic conditions: the case of spinal cord injury in rural Switzerland University of Lucerne

Vica Tomberge

Preventing adverse health impacts of carrying heavy loads: Reducing risk factors and promoting quality of life for women in NepalUniversity of Bern

Dima Touhami

Primary care of individuals with spinal cord injuryUniversity of Lucerne

Bastien Trächsel

Predicting cancer incidence and annual number of new cancer cases in Switzerland.University of Lausanne

Thi Duc Hanh Tran

Scrub typhus in Khanh Hoa, Viet Nam: an eco-epidemiological approachUniversity of Basel

Martin Tušl

Crafting as a salutogenic way of lifeUniversity of Zurich

Munkhtulga Ulziibat

Universal hip ultrasound screening and preventive treatment in Mongolia: intervention for improvementUniversity of Lucerne

Ezra Valido

Oral immunotherapy for the prevention of urinary tract infection in persons with spinal cord injuryUniversity of Lucerne

Behzad Valipour Shokouhi

Spatial-temporal modeling of exposure to airborne pollenUniversity of Basel

Humberto Vieira Barbosa Laudares P

Essays on global health and inequalityUniversity of Geneva

Sandrine von Grünigen

Improving Safe handling of cytotoxic medicines in low and middle-income countries: evaluation of the impact of a blended-learning module - a pilot studyUniversity of Geneva

Garmie Voupawoe

Rabies in Liberia and the potentials for its controlUniversity of Basel

Aylin Wagner

Quality indicators for home care in Switzerland (homeQI). Asub-study of "Better data on the quality of home care".University of Basel

Cornelia Wagner

Life Course Epidemiology of Healthy AgeingUniversity of Fribourg

Fatihiyya Wangara

Use of real time health data at community level to improve retention in maternal and newborn continuum of care for underserved mother-baby pairs in Kwale County, Kenya.University of Geneva

Nadya Wells

The Impact of Financialisation on Global Health Exploring the influence of investors on the AMR Puzzle: Does financialisation explain why we are not producing enough antibioUniversity of Geneva

Sophie Welsche

Optimizing and assessing co-administration chemotherapy against soil-transmitted helminthiasis: from egg excretion patterns to treatment effectsUniversity of Basel

Anja Elisabeth Wettstein

Mental Health in HIV Positive and Negative Populations in AfricaUniversity of Bern

Benedikt Wicki

Effects of transportation noise on mental health and cardiometabolic biomarkers.University of Basel

Hayman Win

Determinants of Child Undernutrition among Urban Poor: Evidence from BangladeshUniversity of Basel

Carmen Wyss

Facilitating optimal birth care for women with obesity by Multiple Criteria Decision AnalysisUniversity of Bern

Lorena Wyss

Premium subsidies and their impact on health plan choices and health care demand University of Lucerne

Matthias Wyss

Functional Analysis of the H3K4 methyltransferase PfSET10 in Plasmodium falciparum and its Role in Mutual Exclusive var Gene ExpressionUniversity of Basel

Olivia Yip

Applying implementation science to the INSPIRE integrated care model for older adults in Canton Basel-Landschaft assessing the context, feasibility, program logic, and implementatiUniversity of Basel

Tamino Zappalà

Epidemiology of frequent diseases and drugs in children. University of Basel

Kyaw Zay Ya

Impact of an infection prevention and control program in tackling antimicrobial resistance in MyanmarUniversity of Basel